About the Shack

At the shack we know the best way, is the old school way, some might call it the hard way. But it’s the way it used to be done and it’s the only way for us.

It’s starts from scratch-the rubs, the sauces, and the sides.

We hand feed our smokers with 100% hickory logs. Only hickory! Those smokers are hand built and nestled in a hand built 36-foot mobile trailer, that we call the shack. We designed it, we built it, we do all the cooking and serving.

From beginning to end it’s a sleepless 48 hours, so we only do it once a week.

Every Saturday you’ll find us at 719 S. Mt. Olive from 10:30AM until sold out! Sold out comes fast.

About the Start

It all began in 2010 with an electric smoker for Christmas which quickly turned into small offsets we used for KCBS BBQ competitions. We built a 250 gallon offset, realized catering actually MAKES money, and eventually began selling out of our front yard in Jonesborough, Tennessee. The county of course made us quit so we built a small shack that we set up at Tennessee Hills Distillery. We outgrew it and sold it when it was time to move back home, NWA. Now we’ve got a bigger one and we’re excited to see where we go from here.

About the Family

We are committed to Northwest Arkansas. All of us. Well maybe not the baby…yet.

Khaki and I met at Har-Ber High in 2007, we married in 2010 and soon found ourselves in Little Rock for med school-her not me. Our first born came along and the three of us moved to Tennessee for residency, again her, not me. Family is important to us so we decided that one of us should stay home full time-me not her. In those eight years we dreamed of coming back home to Northwest Arkansas.

July 2021 our family of four (hello baby girl) moved to Siloam Springs where Khaki practices at Siloam Springs Women’s Center.

I’m a stay-at-home dad to Kenny the kindergartener and Maddie the one-year-old. We love small town living, BBQ, Razorbacks and Jesus.

About Me

I love to feed people! I want your experience at Trav’s Rib Shack to be the best from beginning to end. It’s not fast food, but our customers become friends, fast!